About The Authors

The authors of Dignity What's That, Sam?

Aigul Aubanova: A parenting coach and an independent researcher in the field of ethics. Her inspiration comes from the book Parenting for Everyone, written by Simon Soloveychik. She blogs on the subject of parenting ethics on her website ParentingForEveryone.com.

Victor Dull: A behavioral health counselor specializing in adolescent mental health and substance abuse issues.  In his practice he includes teaching philosophical concepts addressed by Mr. Soloveychik, concept of dignity in particular, and it seems to strike a cord in teenagers.

“Dignity What’s That, Sam?” was written in 2011- 2012. The couple wanted to reintroduce the concept of dignity to mainstream America. They believe that true definition of dignity has been distorted and needed its restoration. This book is an attempt to bring dignity back to its rightful place in human relationships.

You may contact them by email upparent@gmail.com or call 503-393-0809