How This Story Came To Be and Our Thanks

Victor Dull, the author of Digntiy What's That, Sam?

This book was conceived after years of pondering on the true definition of dignity and what dignity means to people. My wife was able to apply the concept of dignity to every human endeavor, no matter what it was. This idea was so appealing we wanted to share it with the world. Then the question came – how to present it to so that it wasn’t boring and dry? After all, philosophy isn’t all that interesting, even though we’re all philosophers. The answer came during a 3AM discussion – fiction.

Thus, Andrew Johnson, Sam Kirkland, and the other characters were born.  In search of the truth in their lives, Sam and Andrew share their adventures while pondering on such questions as: what is my dignity, what is my true value, what is my place, and what is good and evil and how to discern between them?

During Sam’s attempt to define dignity, Andrew begins to ponder on the his role in his dysfunctional family and society. In the meantime he meets his first love, learns about relationships, and how to become a man and stand for one’s dignity.

This book will be a benefit to parents, to help them re-evaluate their relationships with their children. It goes beyond the understanding of self-esteem, integrity, and worth into the realm of recognizing one’s humanity and the humanity of others. Too often as adults we think we have all the answers and ignore what the younger generation is attempting to tell us, thereby alienating them.

Teenagers may find the concepts of this book valuable and apply them in their relationships. It will also help them to view their parents in a different, more compassionate light.

As you read this book, no matter who you are, it is our hope and expectation that you have an “ah ha” moment or two and apply the concepts in your every day interactions with your fellow humans.

Victor Dull




Along the journey of bringing this book into being, the universe sent the right people to help us.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our editor, Joshua Bagby, for his editorial consultation, which enriched the language, improved logic, and added value to our overall editing experience. Thank you to editors Mishael and Karen from for their input in our editing education.

Thank you to our illustrator, Rowen Pingkian, for his talent and patience with our striving to perfect every detail in the drawings while working long distance.

We also kindly thank our friends who gave this book its first read: Michael Moeller, for his always honest and prompt response and priceless comments. To Don Cline, Anne Swan-Vanegas, Patrick Vanegas, and Steve Sutton for their open hearts and willingness to support us.

We appreciate Charlotte Foreman from for her willingness to take the time to give us a professional book review.

Thanks to the group of enthusiasts from community forum for their helpful suggestions and tips in formatting and publishing endeavors.

Finally, we would like to thank our parents for their constant inspiration and support, and our son, Kurmet, for his encouragement, faith, and love.


Aigul Aubanova and Victor Dull

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